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Sciencetech's Flash Solar Simulator Concentrator FSSC-4000 is a well designed, compact and robust source of very high intensity solar irradiance with high uniformity for testing and characterizing solar cells and other devices up to 5cm x 5cm in size.

It may be operated vertically with the normal (61cm x 61cm) mounting base and included sample holder requiring a total height of 82cm or, optionally, with the base removed and the smaller dimensions of 36cm x 36cm x 78cm to permit the FSSC to be easily mounted to other equipment.

A 75mm x 75mm removable Air Mass Filter and a spectrally neutral 8.3:1 mesh attenuator are included with the FSSC. Additional spectrally neutral attenuators up to 100:1 are available from Sciencetech at additional cost.

Irradiance may be set by power control in 50 steps of approximately +/- 7% of the current level from 225 Suns minimum without the mesh attenuator or 27 Suns minimum with the attenuator in place under the air mass filter. Note that irradiance is specified at the flash peak.

The spatial uniformity is better than 2% at the exit plane. Acceptable uniformity may be obtained at working distances of 1mm to 5mm from the FSSC exit plane with uniformity measured and specified at 3mm distance. Sciencetech also provides the electronics to generate an IV curve for your cell (Sold separately).

(Flash Solar Simulator Concentrator)

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