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Solar Simulators > Flash Solar Simulators: Large PV Module Testing

Sciencetech’s flash solar simulators are designed to test large photovoltaic devices. The flash solar simulator utilizes a heavy duty xenon flash lamp and an AM1.5G calibrated solar filter to approximate the sun’s true spectral distribution following ASTM E927-05 Class A standards. The flash solar simulator fires short flashes of light to measure the performance of a photovoltaic device without heating it.

The system can operate as a single flash/point which will produce an I-V data point of the photovoltaic device. The data can be captured by connecting the device to an optional current-voltage measurement system. A computer controller then sequences the light flashes with the current-voltage measurement system to capture and store a multi-point I-V curve for the photovoltaic device.

All of Sciencetech’s flash solar simulators can be used on many types of photovoltaic devices including thin films, amorphous silicon, and traditional crystalline silicon materials. The optional current-voltage measurement system has an active load and wattage range that can be tailored to each type of PV material.

The simulator utilizes a heavy-duty/low-duty cycle xenon flashtube powered by a digitally controlled power supply. This provides a stable and repeatable flash in a multi-exposure I-V test sequence. The power supply also provides a wide operation range from 70-2400 Joules to accommodate different sizes of photovoltaic panels ranging from 20 x 20cm (8” x 8”) to 2 x 2m and at various intensities from 70-150 mW/cm2.

To withstand heat stress in a continuous use production operation, the heavy duty xenon flashtube has over dimensioned tungsten electrodes tested to 60,000 Joules.

The ASTM E927-05 standard states that a solar simulator must match the spectral distribution of the reference spectral irradiance to within ± 25% to be classified as a Class A solar simulator. For large area solar simulators (greater than 30 x 30cm) the spatial uniformity for Class A shall be ±3% or better. Class A Temporal stability for a flash intensity must not vary by more than ±2% from an average value over the total test time. In addition, Sciencetech offers an optional full featured workstation with illumination table and Current- Voltage (I-V) measurement system for use in both in-line low volume production and off-line quality control environments is available (PSS 1x1 only).

2m x 2m Flash Solar Simulator

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