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In addition to the small but effective SS150, Sciencetech manufactures four high power versions of Class AAA fully reflective solar simulator.

  1. SS0.5kW
  2. SS1kW
  3. SS1.6kW
  4. SS2.5kW
The high powered simulators produce similar results to the smaller SS150; however, the variable power capabilities allow the system to have a larger diameter of uniformity at various power outputs.

The tables on the right give typical levels derived from measurements made with a variety of different setups, and so numbers may seem inconsistent. Generally, to achieve Class A from Class B uniformity, the diameter of the target area should be reduced 40%.

Specific AM filters require:
Global - 10% less
Direct - 30% less
AM0 - 25% more
    Technical Specifications
  • Uniformity:
    • ±2% over central field
  • Short term power stability:
    • ±1% after 30 minutes
  • Long term power stability:
    • -20% after 1000 hours due to aging of the lamp
  • Mounting Options:
    • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Dimensions:
    • 122cm x 76cm x 36cm (Horizontal)
    • 52cm x 76cm x 154cm (Vertical)
    • 55kg / 121lbs.
The SS series features a fully reflective design that does not require lenses or diffusers to make the output uniform at the target plane. This results in optimum throughput efficiency for the solar simulator, making Sciencetech solar simulators more efficient than competitive designs. The fully reflective design uses only mirrors to direct the light beam from the arc lamp source to the target plane, and produces high intensity, uniform illumination at the target plane.

Beam Direction

The solar simulator can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position, please specify which orientation when ordering. When in a horizontal position, the output beam exits from a side panel and illuminates an area on the wall (or whatever you put in front of it). An optional 90° folding mirror can be mounted at the output window to allow the beam to be redirected upward, downward, left or right. For vertical operation a floor mounted stand is required. The output beam exits horizontally, and the optional folding mirror can be used to direct the beam upward, downward, left or right.
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