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Sciencetech is proud to offer our low cost SF-series solar simulator systems. All systems will provide Class A Solar Spectral Match (with associated AM filter) and Class A Temporal Stability. The SF300 is the most inexpensive system on the market to provide Class AAA illumination. Systems include: Arc Lamp Housing, Arc Lamp Bulb, Adjustable Power Supply with Ignitor, Filter Holder, and UV Fused Silica Lenses. These systems are ideal for testing small samples or larger samples which do not have a strict uniformity requirement.
  • The SF300 produces a 1” diameter spot size at 1 sun Class AAA (±2% non-uniformity).
  • The SF150 produces a 2” diameter spot size at 1 sun class ABA (±5% non-uniformity).
The beam can also be configured for different power densities and spot sizes as required. Up to 3 Solar Constants (w/o AM filter) can be achieved in some configurations. The beam output can be made, collimated, convergent or divergent. 2" diameter optics are available as an option. An option for fibre optic illumination is available, but requires an additional condenser and fibre mount. The filter holder allows the user to selectively trim the xenon spectrum to provide the desired Air Mass spectrum using any of our full range of AM filters. Other filters such as dichroic filters and bandpass filters are available for further modification of the spectrum. (Sold separately) Sciencetech’s SF-series collimated small beam solar simulator can be configured to a variety of specifications including using higher power lamps for increased power output and increasing the size of the output beam.

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