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The SS150W is Sciencetech’s smallest fully reflective model available is the only 150W solar simulator in the current marketplace, capable of reaching a consistant class AAA rating.

Weighing only 15kg (33lbs) and with dimensions smaller than a typical desktop computer, this makes the SS150 more portable and consumes much less space than the high powered solar simulators, yet the SS150 is still able to deliever the same Class A uniformity at a 1 sun power output that the higher powered models are designed to achieve, within a small target diameter. The SS150 is also compatible with an electronic shutter for controlling exposure time to your target surface and a vertical stand with a beam turner allowing the user to adjust the output beam on a 90 axis angle.

“Fully Reflective” line of solar simulators feature a design that does not require lenses or diffusers to make the output uniform at the target plane. As a result, the solar simulator is able to reach its optimal throughput efficiency and reach a consistant AAA class rating for every fully reflective solar simulator we provide (see chart on the right), making Sciencetech’s line of solar simulators substantially more efficient than our competitor’s designs.

The tables below signifiy output power readings with or without a filter and at variable distances.
    Technical Specifications
  • Uniformity:
    • ±2% over central field
  • Short term power stability:
    • ±1% after 30 minutes
  • Long term power stability:
    • -20% after 1000 hours due to aging of the lamp
  • Wavelength Control:
    • Solar and Bandpass Filter
  • Mounting Options:
    • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Dimensions:
    • 63.5cm x 30.4cm x 17.7cm (Horizontal)
    • 45 cm x 30.4 cm x 147cm (Vertical)
    • 15kg / 33lbs.

The fully reflective design utilizes a series of mirrors, including a special folding mirror that bends the light source without the drawbacks of refractive optics. This allows the simulator to direct the light beam from the arc lamp source to the target plane, producing a higher intensity, uniform illumination at the target plane than a competitor’s simulators.

In the line of fully reflective solar simulators the power output will typically be 1.3 times more powerful when compared to simulators that use the same wattage of arc lamp with diffusers to make the light field uniform at the target.

The high pressure xenon lamp used in each simulator projects an excellent basic match for solar simulation. The solar spectral distribution at different Earth conditions can be simulated through use of Air Mass filters. For more variation of where your test surface is located, several simulators can be mounted on a vertical stand, and if coupled with a beam turning accessory, enable the simulator’s ability to project towards a floor, wall, or ceiling, depending on your research requirements. The air mass filters used with each simulator are 3” x 3” in size and can be easily switched in each model via a built-in access panel. There are two AM filter slots in each simulator; additional slots can be added upon consultation.

Fully reflective solar simulators are able to measure several types of solar cells:

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