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Sciencetech has designed a highly collimated solar simulator for the purpose of photovoltaic cell testing. This solar simulator, Model SS3.0KW-Xe-Fr, has the ability to illuminate a 30cm (12") diameter target size.

In a 1.6kW version of the simulator the output power is approximately 1 Sun with an AM1.5D filter onto a 22.5cm (9") diameter spot at the exit window plane with a collimation of ±0.7 degree, providing a broadband spectral range of 250-2500 nm without filters.

The main component of the solar simulator is a fresnel lens, which can collimate the light beam from the arc lamp source to infinity, and results in a highly collimated illumination at the target spot.

An ozone-free xenon arc lamp is used as the light source. The spectral distribution of the xenon light source, along with the use of Sciencetech’s specially calibrated Air Mass filters, closely simulates the sun’s true spectral distribution in various conditions on Earth.

For solar cell testing, the AM1.5D filter is recommended to simulate terrestrial conditions and the AM0 filter is recommended to simulate conditions in Space.

Sciencetech's highly collimated solar simulator is air cooled with electric blowers and has adjustment pins to align the focal point of the lamp. The arc lamp is powered through an external adjustable DC power supply. The power supply has a manually operated controller with LED display for current and power adjustments.

* Air Mass Filter AM1.0D
** All readings are based on ASTM E927-05 requirements
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