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The Sciencetech TOPS system is a revolutionary new design in solar simulation, coupling a powerful lamp with novel optics unrivalled in the current simulator market. This system is capable of illumination areas up to 30cm in diameter at 1 sun of power with an optical design optimized for maximum spatial uniformity at a fraction of the cost of other systems.

The core of the Sciencetech TOPS system is the 3kW Xenon arc lamp, surrounded by a sophisticated collection and alignment system to fold the illumination onto the target without the use of diffusing media, ensuring no spectral degradation, illuminating the target, and without absorption or scattering losses.

The compact design includes three 3” x 3” air mass filters and all the necessary fans, plugs, and Sciencetech’s proprietary power supply.

The system can be built to specifications, illuminating anywhere between 43cm diameter targets with 0.5 sun or up to 30cm diameter with 1 sun (Class A). Larger diameters are possible with the same irradiance levels at Class B or C. In addition, higher power yet smaller area illumination options are also available.

Triple Optical Path Solar [TOPS] System

The TOPS Testing Chamber

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