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Sciencetech’s high powered fully reflective solar simulators can be used for UV applications by replacing the solar filters with UV filters. The smallest model is the 500W model, which approaches the power output of most conventional 1000W models on the market. Sciencetech also manufactures 1.0kW, 1.6kW, and 2.5kW models which are also noticeably more intense than competing models of the same power rating, especially in the UV spectral range. Sciencetech fully reflective solar simulators are ideal for UV applications due to their fully reflective design. Unlike conventional solar simulators that utilize light-losing focusing lens and diffusers to achieve uniformity, Sciencetech’s fully reflective solar simulators use mirrors to “fold” the light from the arc lamp source to the target. This results in high uniformity without the intensity losses of conventional designs which is especially pronounced in the UV portion of the spectrum.

  1. SSUV0.5kW
  2. SSUV1kW
  3. SSUV1.6kW
  4. SSUV2.5kW

The filter holder inside the beam homogenizer has room for two filters mounted in series. The filters are first mounted onto a frame and then inserted into the holder. The filters are 7.6 x 7.6cm (3" x 3") to cover the entire beam diameter. Generally two filters in series are required to isolate the UVA or UVB spectral regions. To eliminate the IR radiation, a plane mirror inside the solar simulator beam homogenizer is replaced with a hot mirror.
UVA and UVB Wavelengths Definition

Please note that the wavelength definition of UVA and UVB in the COLIPA sun screen testing community is slightly different from the general scientific community.
General Definition: UVA 315nm-400nm UVB 280nm-315nm
Sunscreen definition: UVA 320nm-400nm UVB 290nm-320nm

Types of UV Filters

The UV solar simulator without any filters provides a broadband white light source that ranges from UV to IR light. Hence, filters are required to eliminate the visible and IR light portions such that only UV light remains. There are various types of UV filters available, although they can be generally classified into two applications, for use in sun screen testing and for use in photolithography. Each application requires a different region of the UV spectrum so Sciencetech has separated its UV filter selection into different group accessories by application. Since all such filters work with the UV solar simulators, the user can purchase UV filters from both groups.

Beam Diameter

The target spot diameter is preset at the factory between 50mm (2”) to 203mm (8”) diameter, but can be re-adjusted.
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