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Atomic Force Microscope: Personal AFM NX-II

An atomic force microscopy(AFM) can look inside a nano world that can't be seen with a bare eye since it has a resolution of atomic level. It can see a tiny thing as small as 1/100,000 of a hair thickness (100um). It is used for obtaining the 3D measurement of the metrology, topography, hardness, roughness, electricity and magnetics of materials with nano scale resolution. We aim to distribute the AFM for the personal use purpose, called a personal AFM, with a much lower cost having the similar performances compared to the conventional AFMs in order to achieve technology revolution in nano industry.


  • Wide working range and high resolution
    • XY nano positioning scanner: VCM, 100 x 100μm , 200 x 200μm(option), 0.1nm PZT 80 x 80μm (option)
    • Z nano positioning scanner : PZT, 10μm, 0.1nm
  • Self-sensing PR sensor(standard model ) or optical sensor(extended model)
  • Easy exchange of cantilever tip : No need of alignment ( standard model)
  • Auto approach to a specimen
  • Tip monitoring using CCD>
  • Fast sample loading/unloading
  • Application modes(options): contact, non-contact, force modulation, LFM, phase modulation, etc
  • AFM scanner controller : XY, Z nano positioning scanner
  • Tip & sample monitoring high magnification CCD- Image analysis & processing S/W
  • System control S/W
  • 100 x 100μm or 200 x 200μm (option) XY nano positioning scanner
  • Cantilever tip with an optical sensor - 0.03μm mechanical resolution

Application Modes



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